“If you are not willing to Learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to Learn, no one can Stop you.”



Andhra Loyola College is managed and administered by the members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a Catholic religious order which has rendered yeoman service in the field of education for over 450 years.

Andhra Loyola College was established on a 110-acre land in the year 1953 (classes commenced on July 22, 1954) with Rev Fr Theo Mathias, SJ, (who later became a professor at Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur) as its first Principal. The college was affiliated to Andhra University till December 1976 and to Nagarjuna University thereafter. It is now affiliated to Krishna University.


In 1988, the college won the autonomous status by virtue of its excellent contribution to education, and it has used this freedom, throughout the quarter century of its autonomy, to experiment and innovate, introducing more practical combination of courses as well as job-oriented ones to meet the needs of the immediate society. The college offers intermediate, degree, and post-graduate programmes, and its undergraduate curriculum is so broad-based and holistic that it has, in addition to the mainstream academic programmes.


Andhra Loyola College is proving the excellence in the domain of English Language Teaching as well. We have established an ELT Center 12 years ago and conducted various programs nationally and internationally.Andhra Loyola College is proving the excellence in the domain of English Language Teaching as well. We have established an ELT Center 12 years ago and conducted various programs nationally and internationally.


To create a rich and diverse English language and literary environment for students by offering a formal English curriculum as well as an array of add-on services in collaboration with the management of Andhra Loyola College. To offer English Language specific to program's requiremts and needs.


To enhance student's and teacher's English proficiency, to create for learner's English language individual differences, and to foster a culture of independent, progressive life-long English Language throughout the learning process. To create an environment for job opportunities and market needs.


To organize professional development programmes for teachers of English,provide ELT consultancy.Lending the expertise of the center to institutions that seek the guidance of the center in organizing academic programmes-seminars,workshops on areas of special interest.

Our Motivational Quote

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

                 – Brain Herbert

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Our Expectations
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Our ELT Center Dedicated Committee

Rev.Fr.G.M.Victor Emmanuel,S.J


Dr.Bollavarapu Raju

ELT Director, M.A,M.Phil,Phd


Associate Director,M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,PGDTE

Mr.N.Ranga Babu

Head Dept. of English,M.A.,M.Phil



Executive Members

Mr.Sanjeev Kumar Bali




Dr.T.Sai Mamatha


Our ELT Director

Dr.Bollavarapu Raju is our current ELT Director-2020. He is specialized in the area of Indian Literature/Fourth World Literature. Dr.Raju has been working as an Associate Professor in the department of English at Andhra Loyola College. He had 24 years of teaching experience and 15 years of experience in the domain of research. In the year 1994 Dr.Raju received his M.phil in "Indian writing in English." He pursued the Doctoral Degree in the year 2012 on " Aboriginal Australian Literary Discourse." Dr.Raju worked as the the Head of the department of English from 2015-18. He took charge as Dean of humanities in the year 2016-19. Dr.Raju has given number of talks on inter-personal relations, soft skills and effective communication. So far he published five books in different areas and twenty five papers in international publications/journals with ISBN, ISSN and UGC recognized. He also attended UGC recognized workshops, orientation programs and refresher courses.

"As an ELT director I had many proposals, ideas and ideas in order to develop our ELT center at Andhra Loyola College and enrich our students,teachers, research scholar in the domain of English Language Teaching. ELT Center is re-dedicated to render the best services and promise to work to the expectations of the members registered. The present website brims with energy-has a lot to offer: new ideas, new perspectives to language and literary skills."
Dr.Bollavarapu Raju